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Under current COR legislation, driving hours is a prescriptive set of hours a driver can drive, work and rest. (see Rules)

As part of the COR legislation, these rules

  • apply to ALL drivers of vehicle over 12t or buses with 12 seats (including the driver)
  • require as a minimum for the company and driver to maintain a 365 consecutive day record of driving, work and rest hours
  • require the hours to be validated to ensure actual hours meet the rules or have had some remedial action

FMS Calculator

FMS Calculator is a very user friendly Excel based program that provides the basis of compliance to the driving hours rules. It is nationally supported and customer feedback is it takes less than 20 seconds to enter data by non operational personnel and has all the Corrective Action Report / Auditing and Management By Exception functionality to ensure the company can provide compliance. more information... (Manual)

FMS Planner

FMS Planner is an extension to FMS Calculator. You can take actual hours information from FMS Calculator, plug it into FMS Planner and enter scheduled trips. This will provide details of what the driver's hours are planned to be. more information...


Western Australian Fatigue Operating Standards are used by many companies in WA for driver hours fatigue compliance under WA OH&S. For a trial using your drivers' activities, please contact Burgewood.

If you need further information, demonstration or trials using your company drivers, please contact us.

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