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FMS Calculator is fully compliant with 2014 fatigue laws and as it based in Excel can run on any computer with Excel. This includes tables with Windows 8.

With over 140 companies using FMS Calculator around Australia, you can be confident of a solid validation process. From that comes peace of mind that your drivers are compliant with fatigue laws.

Burgewood Pty. Ltd. is an innovative, dynamic company who specialises in transport industry systems, and in particular, compliance and regulatory requirements for transport companies, service contracts and general consultancy.

Burgewood's objectives are:

  • To develop and distribute COR and productivity tools to the heavy transport industry
  • To provide full support, including installation, training, adjustments and enhancements to compliment COR and productivity tools
  • To listen to the needs of the heavy transport industry and work in concert with industry to develop new effective and efficient tools
  • To provide tools that are affordable and minimise financial risk to users of Burgewood COR and productivity tools
  • To participate in the heavy transport industry with the aim to getting the industry to be more effective and efficient
  • To provide a mechanism for specialised developments to have access to all parts of industry

Burgewood Pty Ltd operates nationally and provides support to transport operators and companies ranging from a few to many people.

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