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With all the licenses, audits, registrations, roadworthies and calibrations required today in heavy transport, many companies find themselves having their gear 'out of date' in-advertently.

Asset Alert System was developed as a stand-alone or bolt-on-module in other Burgewood Programs. How it works is simple, initially the asset is entered into an asset alert database. The information inputted includes the expiration date and a contact email address. When the asset is within 30 days of expiring, an email is automatically fired off to the contact listed.

The emails details what the asset is, what the renewal is (eg registration) and by when is the renewal required. Asset Alert System also has a 'mandatory' field meaning that if the renewal has not been completed and noted on the Asset Alert System within 5 days of expiring, another email is fired off to the boss.

As a stand-alone system, the Asset Alert System needs to be run regularly in its own right. As a module to another program such as FMS Calculator, Load Manager or Scheduler which are run almost daily, then the Asset Alert System runs in the background.

As a module, Burgewood can integrate it into your existing Excel systems that run regularly.

Screenshot of Asset Alert System

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