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Chain of Responsibility is a set of legislation under which the heavy transport industry needs to operate, the main areas of this legislation are:

1. Fatigue – to ensure the drivers of heavy vehicles are suitably rested

2. Mass – to ensure vehicles are carrying legal loads to protect other road users, road infrastructure, road-side furniture and the heavy transport community and assets

3. Heavy vehicle maintenance is a high cost expense and if left unmanaged can cost a fortune. Burgewood's Maintenance Dashboard aims to produce the management required to comply with the NHVAS while providing a decision-making process to keep the fleet effective and efficient. Compliance should not just be a cost, it can turn costs of big bucks into money well spent

4. Restraint – to ensure what is being carried is fixed securely to the transport

These four elements are not aimed at penalising the industry. They are aimed at safety.

The COR legislation is backed by the Compliance and Enforcement Act – the set of laws that give enforcement agencies the power to investigate and prosecute COR breaches.

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