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Our systems are:

  • Designed for use in Microsoft Excel because most companies have it and are comfortable with it
  • Installed so there is no requirement for special computers, personnel or training
  • Designed for non-operational personnel to be operators, this leave operational personnel to focus on your core business

Our Support for our products includes:

  • Response in 24 hours with the answer
  • Installation and Training (including new personnel as required)
  • Help Desk – email us at: support@burgewood.com.au
  • Enhancements, Alterations and Regulatory Changes (including changes such as fatigue of 2014)
  • Stand-By-You support – this means if you are investigated and you required 3rd party support, we will stand by you (conditions apply)

Our cost structure is:

  • We do not sell our products, we provide them on a monthly basis, why? This means:
    • the biggest risk you have is one months rates
    • you can stop using it without having paid a fortune for software
    • if it does not do what you expect it to do, then you have lost nothing
    • there is no requirement for a formal contract, no need to get senior management approval, no need for board justifications
    • Burgewood has to fulfil its support commitments fully and properly, otherwise we lose you as a customer

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