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  COR Elements – Mass Management


Under current COR legislation, each trip undertaken by a heavy commercial vehicle (over 4.5tonne) needs to comply with individual axle weights as well as GVM/GCM limits.

Burgewood Pty Ltd develops and distributes loading systems specifically aimed at compliance of the axle limit laws and also to maximise profitability and productivity of heavy transport.

Benefits of these systems:

  • Maximise loading, maximise productivity, maximise profit
  • No special computers, no special training, no special personnel
  • Management by exceptions
  • Compliance with COR requirements
  • Flexible - any truck / trailer combinations

Load Manager

Load Manager is an Excel based load optimisation system for road tankers. Using GML (general mass limits), CML (consessional mass limits) and HML (higher mass limits - some times referred to as NHVAS mass limits), Load Manager can maximise loading for Rigids, Twin Steers, Semi trailers, B-Doubles, Dogs, Pigs and Road Trains.

Load Manager also provides a platform to determine truck / trailer design and improved vehicle combination productivity more information...

CWD (Container Weight Declaration); Container Max; Iso Max

A program that takes your fleets specifications and determines best 5th wheel position for prime movers, maximum iso tank carrying capacity, maximum container carrying capacity, create Container Weight Declarations (CWD), maximise vehicle and fleet carry capability


Palletiser is very user friendly Excel based program that determines where to place pallets of product on semi trailers and B-doubles to maintain axle limits (GML, CML or HML). This program works on the same principles as Load Manager except it is far more sophisticated. It aims to optimise 34 pallets to the best positions on two trailers - the potential number of combinations is 4 x 10^38. It also aims to balance the vehicle from side to side.

If further information, demonstration or trials using your company vehicles, please contact us.

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